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I am an Australian landscape and nature fine art photographer, photographing the beautiful nature and landscape scenery of the  national parks and wilderness areas in Western Australia. As a fine art photographer I see the world around me in a very unique way and I photograph the Australian landscape locations I visit in that light. Everywhere I go, day or night I find landscapes and nature subjects within the landscape to capture with my camera, to later turn the photographic images into beautiful fine art prints so others can appreciate what I have discovered.


Photography has been my lifelong hobby, nature and natural landscape photography is my passion and  producing beautiful fine art prints is my goal.


My fine art photography galleries contain images of my nature and Australian landscape photography. The shopping cart is there for you to purchase fine art prints of the images you’ll see in the print galleries.


I look forward to reading your comments about my work and the fine art photography prints I have presented, also I hope you will join me by subscribing to my newsletter, and following me on my social media sites.






Trevor Lundstrom

Australian Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photographer


Please enjoy the beautiful landscape and nature portraits I have photographed.


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Photography and text © Trevor Lundstrom