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Trevor Lundstrom – Australian  Landscape and Nature



The natural environment is my passion and photography, my life long voice. My relationship with our natural environment is represented throughout my fine art photography. I strive to explore new opportunities, bringing together all the elements of nature, naturally.

I search and dream of the perfect image. I diligently frame natural landscape photography images in my mind. I seek shadows, starlight and illumination, coalescence of all features to bring together the perfect image.

I travel and explore new opportunities of bringing the elements of nature together, naturally. My work is a forging of, base images, technology and vital emotions and personal aesthetics. Maintaining a visual focus on visual art form and viewing ownership. Colour maximization, enhancements of place, and forming of image components are technological features I use to fine tune an image and bring to it a sharpness and depth of color. Thus representing an artistic creation featured upon the connection and emotions of the viewer, associated with reality of image.

Utilizing my “voice,” I aim to provide viewers opportunities of discovery, and enjoyment, this drives my passion of photography to seek greater heights. The vastness of subject matter has over time provided me an extension of related knowledge and detail of the photographs, landscape and localities.
Whether it be a tiny Orchid, voraciously flowering in a harsh environment, Banksias in unique and out of the way locations, or vast rolling hills and vales of the Stirling Ranges or perhaps the wondrous cliffs, caves and harsh western coastline have all been an impetus to not only photograph but to learn and take in the nuances of the natural environment.

My fine art photography work forges base images, technology, and vital emotions coupled with my personal aesthetics. However maintaining visual form, focus and art creation for greater viewer ownership.
By combining, the digital images development, knowledge of subject matter and skill of artistic creation remains the unique ownership of master craftsmen or women. I single mindedly capture, develop, and inject not only my emotion but that of the viewer to my fine art photography prints. Maintaining an image of visual reality and true likeness, representative of not only nature but its raw and breathtaking magnificence.

Use of photography image development is a process of not only discovery but artistic creation. It is the growth of the images environment, a raw rugged beauty, and the paradox and contrasts of the colour spectrum. My visual language, photography, is to express the powerful essence of beauty and the emotional elements of nature. Thus bridging the conceptual realm to artistic form.

Photographic technological development provides master craftsmen or women access to a vast variety of tools spanning the life of celluloid film to digital “raw” images. I develop images to communicate and exchange values and vision of nature. I am committed to provide representative colour, depth of field, and the use of digital enhancement techniques. Skillfully and masterly crafting to bring the viewer to not only a visual journey but an informing and artistic view of our natural landscape.
Thus culminating in an artistic creation focused on connectivity and emotion of both artist and audience associated with true form and reality.


Personal Style Warranty

I guarantee that my fine art photography prints and images are created according to my personal style and each depicts the scenes I have photographed in a way that is different from what other people looking at these same scenes would see.  If the photograph you purchase from me shows the landscape exactly the same way as you saw it in person, I will refund your money.


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Trevor Lundstrom – Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer

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