Landscape Photography of a Sunset at Windmills

Another perfect Western Australian evening for some beautiful landscape photography at Windmills.

Windmills is a section of rocky coastline in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park in the south west corner of Western Australia. The renowned “Cape to Cape Track” a walking trail between Dunsborough, near Cape Naturaliste and Augusta to the south at Cape Leeuwin passes right by “Windmills” which is most commonly visited by those humans riding surf boards. It is also well known and frequented by local photographers.

This was my sunset location for some very pleasurable landscape photography or maybe I should say seascape photography. This section of the Western Australian coast is just a few kilometers south of Cape Naturaliste right down in the south west corner of Western Australia.

I could see we ( Natalie and I ) were in for a beautiful sunset, all I needed was for the location to be as good. Depending on the tides, the Indian Ocean swells and the weather, I could be confronted with almost any kind of beach. Sometimes there is no sand left from the heavy seas that pound this part of the coast, however on this occasion everything just fell perfectly into place. Lighting, camera equipment, foreground elements absolutely everything was falling into place.

An hour or two of photography yielded some beautiful landscapes. The photography was just so easy, there were photo opportunities in every where I pointed the camera, I just had to hurray as this kind of beautiful landscape photography doesn’t last and I expect I will never see it again. The pools of water left from the last high tide were beautiful, calm as a millpond and the reflections quite stunning. The sky was equally beautiful with amazing colour.


There was only one down side to the experience – the light faded and we had to leave. Australian National Parks do not allow camping, and they definitely do not allow photographers to pause the motion of the universe for their landscape photography purposes. Oh well!! Just as well I suppose.

Another perfect day in paradise past and I am particularly pleased with the evenings beautiful landscapes captured. Yet again the Western Australian landscape has looked after me.


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The setting sun over a rock pool at Windmills in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park.

Evening Light – Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park

A fire red sky above the rocky coastline of the Leeuwin Natraliste National Park Western Australia

A Blazing Sky – Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park

A rocky section of coastline in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park, Western Australia

Rocky Coast – Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park

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