Nature Photography

I love nature and being able to capture the natural beauty of Western Australia with my camera means I can share what I find and photograph with others. The Western Australian landscape, both natural and man-made continually inspires me while shooting nature landscape photography images. Beautiful landscapes abound and I am always able to indulge my passion capturing landscape photos to bring home.

Processing and turning the physical and mental images into beautiful fine art nature photography prints is the next best thing to being “out There” being part of nature.

This location is one that I love to visit,  my two loves, landscape photography and nature photography are brought together here in this beautiful natural environment. Just two hour’s drive north of Perth, Western Australia is one of the strangest landscapes a photographer could hope to find, a small desert landscape of windblown sands, almost […]

What am I, nature photographer or lover of the natural world?   Both actually, but first and foremost I am a natural history or nature lover with a camera. I am passionate about the natural world and do what I can to maintain its diversity  for future generations of people to experience and marvel at. […]