Shooting Nature Photography with a Fine Art Nature Photographer

What am I, nature photographer or lover of the natural world?


Both actually, but first and foremost I am a natural history or nature lover with a camera. I am passionate about the natural world and do what I can to maintain its diversity  for future generations of people to experience and marvel at.

No, I am not some shade of green or anything like that, I just love the bush and all the creatures that make up our beautiful world. Photography is my chosen medium to record my life in the wild and I share the beautiful nature photography I capture, turning my images into fine art nature photography prints.


The kind of nature landscape photography I like to shoot

Early Morning at Lake_Dumbleyung_107515F

An early morning at Lake Dumbleyung, one of many salt lakes in the south of Western Australia.


When planning a photography trip or photo-shoot, the first thing I think about is, “what landscape do I want to work in”.

Being an artist and fine art photographer, the landscape choice is usually the first step as there will always be nature subjects to photograph at the same location. Bugs, flowers, trees and if I am lucky an animal or two. There is always plenty of opportunity for nature photography in any natural landscape environment.


I do prefer to be “in the wild”, however there are times when I have to be content with places closer to home. This is not so bad as I do have plenty of natural bushland near to where I live. Public parks and gardens can also be good locations for outings to find and capture images of the things we share this world with.


What is fine art nature photography?


The question is often asked of me, “what is fine art nature photography?” or “how is fine art nature photography different from nature photography?”

My answer to both questions is quite simple, there is very little difference in reality as good nature photography provides the viewer with an insight into the life of the subject not just an image of its physical characteristics.

I think Art is the means that we humans use to express ourselves and what we experience, so I see photographs that take me the viewer into the life of another creature’s existence as art. For me, photography that only shows what the nature subject looks like is not art. There are many nature photographers that focus in close to show only the fine detail of an insects wings or the beautiful fine veins in a leaf, those images can be either forensic nature photography or art photography depending on the presentation or the composition of the image.

When I view beautiful fine art landscape photography prints, the prints that provide me with the feeling of being there in the shoes of the picture taker are indeed fine art. Landscape photos are often part of the nature photographers portfolio as these landscapes are often captured while the photographer is out in nature.

I see a piece of fine art as a piece of work presented as a print, printed with long lasting or archival materials to the same standards of durability that other fine art artists practice. In other words, fine art prints are made for people to look at for generations, whereas those images printed in books and magazines are not fine art prints. Painters, sketch artists and those commonly referred to as fine artists would never create work just for printed literature. That is for reproductions of their art not the art-work itself.

Please, take the time to view this beautiful fine art nature photography video

( no prints I am sorry as I think to see these nature and landscape images as prints would be quite unbelievable)




Nature photography can be quite distressing to the viewer
Not all nature photography images or prints are beautiful and pleasing to look at. There is much hardship and death in nature and it is part of life whether we are human, a flower or a mountain range. Beautiful nature photography images and prints can and should show the true story of the subjects existence whether it is beautiful or not. Some of the most beautiful nature photography and natural landscape prints show scenes that both amaze and strike grief into our minds when viewed.

I see the National Geographic Society and its magazines as the best example of nature photographers showing us the natural world, warts and all in the true spirit of nature photography. The pages are not fine art, that is not their mission, but most of the photography is definitely art and without question, fantastic nature photography.

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