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“Honeycombes Surf”


Honeycombes Surf – Print Of The Month # 7

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Read here how this months Fine Art Photography Print of The Month came to be

Photographed while the wind was howling straight into the camera, the lens was completely wet within seconds from the spray of the surf.

This fine art photography print “Honeycombes” is one of my favourites. Honeycombes is a beach of sorts in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park in the south western corner of Western Australia. The waves at Honeycombes Beach are a magnet for humans on surf boards (surfies) however I find the place far more attractive as a location full of rocky outcrops, swirling water and full of potential for creating beautiful landscapes. The beach itself is particularly beautiful as well, however on this occasion the beach was not pleasant at all with sand being blown by gale force winds. Today, the rocks at Honeycombes Beach were the place to be.

I had been waiting in the area for three days, the weather was not bad but the wind had been very strong and with it, a great deal of heavy cloud. Landscape photography needs sunlight and the overcast conditions were anything but optimum. Then, just as I was about to pack and head for home a shaft of sunlight lit up the beach and the hills in the distance and I knew things were about to change. Facing into the wind, I set my camera on its tripod and immediately discovered another problem to overcome. The spray from the crashing surf was blowing straight at me, the cameras lens was wet within seconds and I could not see anything through my glasses.

Honeycombes Beach or should I say the rocky perch I had set myself upon was not a good or particularly safe place to be. The coastline of the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park is battered by rough seas and storms coming in from the Southern and Indian oceans. King Waves are common and have claimed many lives of people fishing from the rocks.

I turned the camera away from the wind and cleaned the lens of moisture in anticipation of the light arriving exactly where I wanted it to be. I just needed to wait and hope that along with the light, a wave would break and all the other elements within my lenses field of view would all come together simultaneously. When the moment arrived, all I could do was point the camera in the direction of the action and rely on “auto-focus” and luck to capture my shots. I could not see anything through the viewfinder as my glasses were to wet. After each exposure, I had to swivel the camera on the tripod, wipe the lens clean again and reposition for another photo keeping the lens covered until the very last second before depressing the shutter button. As I am a lucky kind of guy, I managed to capture images, exactly as I had hoped for and this fine art landscape photography print is the result.

Was the wait worth it? I think so, I am very pleased.

  The Sun always comes out if you wait long enough!


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