Stock Photography Images

I use my digital camera to capture raw photography images with the intention of developing the images into beautiful landscape and nature fine art prints. While I refer to the images you see here as fine art photography images, I wish to make it clear, these images are not fine art photography, they are low resolution copies or reproductions of my fine art photography, fine art prints and real works of fine art.
As I am primarily a fine art photographer, I have a great many photography images not fully utilized, perfectly good images but not selected to be that one in the set of possibly hundreds that is going to be a fine art photography print, my masterpiece.
Good quality images are always in demand so I submit my excess if you like into my Australian stock photography library where they can be viewed and purchased as electronic downloads. Stock photography images are not that dissimilar to my fine art photography images in that technical quality is paramount. Nature and landscape stock photography can be a little tricky as the work I do as an artist, infusing my own vision and memories of the scene into the image, sometimes makes the finished image unsuitable for stock.

“As an artist, I wish to communicate my being, my experience, my emotions and thoughts. For me, capturing photography images gives me the raw materials to begin writing, not with words on paper but with a greater vocabulary, one made up of thoughts and feelings, emotions and feeling”.- Trevor Lundstrom fine art photographer and an […]