Capturing Photography Images That Communicate My Thoughts and Feelings

“As an artist, I wish to communicate my being, my experience, my emotions and thoughts. For me, capturing photography images gives me the raw materials to begin writing, not with words on paper but with a greater vocabulary, one made up of thoughts and feelings, emotions and feeling”.- Trevor Lundstrom fine art photographer and an artist who struggles to communicate with words.


Read my pictures, they will tell my story!

With the cloud overhead this Jarrah tree looks to be breathing life into the atmosphere

I had chased this cloud for ages looking for an element in nature to best depict my thinking that this cloud was somehow rising from the earth giving life to the atmosphere. What better subject could I have found, of course this living breathing Jarrah tree was my perfect foreground element.


I am an Australian landscape and nature photography photo-artist, always searching for the next magnificent view or experience with mother nature. With each discovery, images are collected in my “minds eye”, the camera within my head that I wish could record as a camera, never forgetting the moment and always able to share my excitement or dismay, my feelings with others who care as I do.

Those images that started in my mind are far too complex for any camera to capture. Lenses, no matter how great the optics will never feel or smell, hear or taste the subject in view. The process of infusion, of imparting from memory all the elements missed by the cameras lens comes after the images have been recorded, when I, the photographer or artist develops my raw captures into photography images that accurately portray my moment of living.

There are many reasons photographic images are created, and depending of the intention of the photographer, the photographs will either show an exact record of what the camera was pointed towards or a far greater and more detailed view of the whole experience the photographer witnessed. That is the beauty of photography; it can be clinical or emotional, quite unlike any other art-form I am aware of.


Fine art photography images tell my story

My fine art photography images are my voice, my most descriptive vocabulary is in pictures created from raw camera images and turned into fine art prints.

I am an artist, a landscape and nature photography story teller, I love going bush and if  that means hauling ten to fifteen kilograms of photography equipment almost everywhere I go, so be it. I need to take my camera and lenses and all the other “stuff”, to record the journey and enable me to tell of my experiences.

Capturing photography images of my discoveries is the best way I have to remember moments that effected me most and to share those memories and experiences with others.

Carrying photography equipment on ones shoulders is not guaranteed to do anything but be uncomfortable and test ones commitment to bringing back those all important images.

The photographic images I bring back are nothing but digital files, absolutely useless to anyone without the means to open and read the data contained. As digital photography cameras equipment developed so did computers and software, enabling digital files to be read, edited and transformed into an image that could be viewed on a screen or printed via an even greater array of electronic devises. I am told, the world of photography just got a whole lot easier and more accessible to ordinary folk, and yes I agree, BUT, did photography for the fine art photographer change for the better? I believe it did or at least it has for me.


Utilizing my fine art photography stock of digital images

I have, as an artist or story teller achieved nothing by having a stock or collection of fine art photography images stored away on computer hard drives. The digital images are just screen representations of the fine art photography prints developed or printed, completing my fine art photography work or masterpiece. The images printed onto the fine art prints are for me the complete book or transcript of my vision for the original photograph.

Hanging the fine art prints in a fine art photography gallery provides visitors to the gallery access to me and my soul through the photography images they “see” hanging on the gallery walls. Each of my original photo captures has completed the journey to becoming a piece of fine art, readable and understandable by all, no matter what language they speak or where in the world they live.

The display of my fine art photography stock in a physical gallery limits the number of viewers, to just the few who can visit the gallery in person. The digital photography age has coincided with the growth of the Internet, making it possible to display my fine art prints, as fine art photography images online. Visitors to my fine art photography gallery here on this website can now view images of my fine artwork from where ever they happen to be rather than traveling to the physical gallery.

My fine art photography stock is now fully available for viewers to view, enjoy and make their own interpretations of the messages contained in the works of art. The fine art photography images in the website gallery will never have the same effect on a viewer that is felt when he or she is viewing the same image as an original fine art print.

The online gallery or website visitor viewing an image on-screen may well be satisfied with their personal viewing experience and not need a print of their own, however, others who are passionate about what they see, and need a print to read everything the artist has described, can have that experience in their own homes by simply purchasing their print online.


My stock of digital photography images in my website’s photography gallery is constantly growing, offering visitors to the gallery a chance to connect through my images and prints to the landscapes and nature of “my place”, the Australian island on planet earth.

At sunset and looking west over the western peaks of the Stirling Range.

Western Peaks – Stirling Range Western Australia


My photography images, fine art photography images as well can also be seen and purchased and downloaded at my stock photography library site.

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